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Inspired by Shane Popiny's resilience and Pepper's unwavering support, the Shane & Pepper Foundation is dedicated to championing inclusion, equality, and equity. We are committed to curating programs that nurture social, life, culinary, and vocational skills, ensuring the disability and neurodiverse communities are empowered, prepared, and celebrated in both the workforce and the vibrant spectrum of life


In the poignant photograph above, we witness a remarkable chapter in our history as our founder, Shane, alongside his mobility service dog, Pepper, gracefully accepts the Joyce Byrd Leadership Award.

This prestigious honor, bestowed upon them by Art-Rech at the vibrant Fringe Arts venue in Philadelphia, PA, stands as a testament to their unwavering commitment and significant contributions to advancing accessibility and inclusion.

Despite the challenges posed by age, Shane has emerged as a luminary force, diligently working to create a world brimming with opportunities for the disability and neurodiverse community. Their journey, marked by resilience and an unyielding spirit, has not only paved the way for transformative change but has also ignited a beacon of hope and inspiration for many.


Ability Programs

At Shane & Pepper, we believe in nurturing the unique abilities inherent in each individual. Our tailored programs aim to equip members of the disability and neurodiverse communities with essential skills, fostering self-sufficiency, confidence, and meaningful engagement in the workforce. What We Offer: Vocational Training: Unlock the doors to employment with our hands-on vocational training, which provides a conducive environment for mastering practical job skills. Social Skills Enhancement: Navigate social landscapes with ease and confidence through our interactive social skills programs. Life Skills Coaching: Achieve a greater degree of independence by learning crucial life skills ranging from personal finance management to effective communication. Culinary Skills Program: Dive into the culinary arts and discover the joy of creating delightful dishes while preparing for a fulfilling career in the food industry. Our programs are meticulously designed to bridge the transition from high school to a bright future filled with endless possibilities. Here, we don't just see your disability; we see your ability, your potential, and your future success. Get in Touch: To learn more about our programs or to get started on your journey towards empowerment, contact Marie or Brett at 215-509-1584. Your brighter tomorrow awaits! Investment: The fee for each program is an investment not only in your personal and professional growth but also in our shared vision of an inclusive community. Please note that all program fees are tax-deductible. Your pathway to a future filled with opportunities and growth begins here at Shane & Pepper. Let’s explore, learn, and grow together!

Ability Day Retail Program


Embark on a journey of light, inclusion, equality, and equity at Shane & Pepper through our meticulously designed chandelier creation program. With a chandelier not just being a mere light source, but a symbol of elegance and a beacon of inspiration, we invite you to delve into the enchanting world of chandelier artistry. Under the diligent mentorship of our seasoned team, explore the realms of: Candle Scent Crafting: Master the art of blending unique scents to bring a warm, inviting atmosphere. Elegant Jar Preparation: Learn the skills of preparing elegant jars that add a touch of grace to every space. Label Design: Unleash your creativity in designing labels that tell a story, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your creations. Customer Interaction Mastery: From greeting customers warmly to handling inquiries professionally, we guide you through the essentials of stellar customer service. Shipping & Handling: Dive into the logistics, learning the intricacies of packaging and shipping to ensure safe and timely delivery. POS System Operation: Get hands-on experience with the Point Of Sale (POS) system, a crucial skill in the retail landscape. Our four-week immersive program, priced at a reasonable $230, commences on the 1st of every month, unfolding every Friday and Saturday from 10 am to 2 pm. This curriculum is crafted not only as a conduit to creative exploration but also as a vocational gateway, providing essential skills to work in a retail store setting, specifically tailored for our disability and neurodiverse community. By the conclusion, not only will you be adept with vocational, social, and life skills pivotal for a thriving retail career, but you’ll also be awarded a coveted certificate of completion for the Ability Retail course. Investment: The course fee is a mindful investment in your professional journey, and it's also tax-deductible. Your contribution symbolizes a step towards fostering an inclusive retail environment. Get Started: The world of elegant chandelier creation awaits you. For more information or to enroll, reach out to our dedicated Program Manager at Let the essence of light, creativity, and inclusivity guide your path. Join us at Shane & Pepper, where every chandelier illuminates a pathway to endless opportunities and an inclusive community.


Coming Soon

Ability Culinary Program

Dive into the world of culinary arts and discover the joy of cooking and baking! Our innovative culinary program is tailored for the disability and neurodiverse community, ensuring a holistic and inclusive learning experience. What You'll Learn: Understand recipe instructions with clarity. Master the art of food prep, from dicing to julienning. Navigate temperature controls for precise cooking. Dive deep into baking techniques to create perfect pastries and breads. But that's not all! This course is specifically designed to prepare you for a dynamic restaurant setting. Certification: Upon successful completion, you'll be awarded a Certificate of Completion, marking your newly acquired skills and expertise. Course Duration: Duration: 6 weeks Schedule: Every Wednesday evening from 5:50 pm to 7:00 pm Investment: The course fee is $275.00, which is tax-deductible. Your contribution not only furthers your culinary journey but also supports our mission to empower more individuals. Sign Up: Ready to embark on this culinary journey? To reserve your spot or for more information, please contact: Come, let's cook up a storm together!

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